wecansexy said: HELLO MEM we noticed you bookmarked TSG... we are cackling. I HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE READ OF IT HE HE HE

I CRIED. That’s not a joke. I actually cried, because apparently I am way more into the tragedy of Gamzee/Tavros than even I expected. Not that I don’t love all the other relationships, too, because OH, WOW, TEREZI, and I don’t know if I can ever deal with the messed up central triad—what a delightful, terrible confusion of moiraillegiance and matespritship and overly jealous kismesis feelings arising from the depths of thwarted friendmance, etc.—but also Gamzee demanding Terezi allow him sopor so he could deal with interrogating Tavros and Terezi hating giving it to him but also wanting to lick his face while he licked her fingers just kind of made me want to pull my heart out and bury it in the Marianas Trench, that the ancient and unknowable mysteries might feast upon my devastation.